Rowley's Electric Limited

Rowley's Electric Limited is an electrical contracting business serving the agricultural, commercial and residential sectors in west central Saskatchewan.  


Over the years product and service offerings have expanded from electrical work by qualified journeymen electricians to include:
- electrical and natural gas trenching services
- bin site & oilfield snow removal
- bucket truck, picker truck, 26' scissor lift
- appliance service and repair
- satellite television sales and service
- furnace and water heater repair
- aeration bin checks


218 4th Avenue East
P.O. Box 421
Elrose, Saskatchewan    SOL OZ0

Telephone:  306-378-2363


Rowley's Electric Ltd. is the oldest company affiliated with EIT Group.  It was founded in Hawarden, Saskatchewan in 1948 by Leo A. Rowley.  The company is family owned and operated and located in Elrose, Saskatchewan.